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Friday, 07 March 2008


Galleon 2.5.2 release can now be downloaded . Read the release notes.

This version includes the following:

Version 2.5.2:
* Fixed bug with GoBack truncating files after 2GB had been transferred.
* Fixed another CPU-spinning bug in the screen saver

Version 2.5.1:
* Fixed a screen saver bug--it would consume all your CPU time on the PC
* Updated Linux install Makefile to work in more cases/on more distributions

Version 2.5.0:
* Added iPhoto album display capability into Photos application
* Increased album artwork size in music players (HD)
* Fixed built-in Photos application to lay out the grid better for HD.
* Fixed JPG image tag reading for Photos
* Added a new HD Photos plugin that will download, install and run the TiVo Desktop hdphotos
    HME application integrated into Galleon similar to what it does for TiVo Desktop.
    (you must open TCP port 7111 on your firewall)
* Reimplemented skin resource loading so they don't use as much memory and cpu
* Added scalable backgrounds that fit the screen in HD mode for pictures and music
* Fixed the HD playbar in the music app so it draws properly
* Fixed layout on music player screen when in HD mode
* Increased font size on music app in HD mode for all screens
* Fixed screen saver on music app to fill the entire screen
* Fixed lyrics downloading to grab from a different source since lyrictracker is down
* Fix MacOS problems (tracker #1760027)
* Upgraded Movie Rentals app to 0.8
* Fixed missing jars in windows installer
* Added service wrapper for unix release and a Makefile to do "make install" or "make uninstall"
* Added a global screen saver framework for all apps that extend BApplication and AppFactory
* Added a bouncing screen saver to display cover art and track title for music player apps

**ways to use vinegar for cleaning

Version 2.4.1:
* Turned off HD for applications that don't need it (e.g. top level menu,
  Weather since its maps are small)
* Updated Mac OS X install to put applications in subdirectory:
* Fixed Mac OS launch scripts to enable quit function
* Fixed Movies application (needed an update to parse HTML output change from data source)
* Fixed Windows installer JRE detection (accepts Java 6)
* Fixed MusicOrganizer MP3 count (1746310)
* Upgrade to htmlparser-1.6 (fixes movierentals add-on application)
* Added movieRentals application to distribution
* Fixed log file location on windows to put logs inside the logs directory

Known problems:

  •  galleon skins in HD don't cover screen--use tivo skins

  •  lots of layout glitches in HD

  • HD menu highlights are too big for text

Upgraded open-source components to mostly current versions
Use track title instead of file name for "Music" listings
Published modified Bananas library
Switched to build with Java 1.5

Native windows release is no longer supported--use the regular version.
You must have Java 5 JRE or higher installed--none is included.
Please report any bugs via SourceForge trackers.

Galleon 2.5.1 is only recommended for TiVo's with at least version 7.2.1 software. 

This product is about to be supported again (on a limited time basis by a new volunteer).

 The web site and forum will stay open for Galleon users to resolve issues amongst themselves. 

Galleon features

Galleon is a free open source media server for the TiVo® DVR which allows you to enjoy many kinds of content and interactive applications right on your TV. The server runs on your home computer and organizes your media collection so that they can be viewed on your home network. Galleon also brings Internet content and applications to your TV.

Winner of the "Most Creative Application" in the TiVo Developer Challenge

You can watch this video of Galleon running on a TiVo DVR.

 The Galleon software runs on your PC and hosts applications that can be viewed and controlled on your TiVo. Here are some examples of what the Galleon applications will let you do on your TiVo:















 If you would like to contribute to the project, then contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This project is not affiliated with TiVo® in any way and is an independent open source project. Your TiVo needs to be running at least version 7.2.1 software. This project does not provide a way for you hack into your TiVo or bypass the TiVo DRM.


My most favorite Galleon app is
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